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Private companies often get criticised for not being concerned with local community affairs - for being too money oriented. So we've decided to do our bit and give help where we can.

We believe that "it is better to give than receive" - but we also need to receive in order to be able to give !

As the company prospers we are enabled to give to others in need. We have given aid to Romania and we are currently sending funds to Kathmandu, and a school in West Nepal and a feeding centre in Vijayawada, India; aid has also gone out to help in the Philippines and Ghana. We are also giving to those in need here in this country.

We aim to give 10% of the company profits to charities.

If you wish to join with us in giving in this way, just add £50 or £100 when you submit your your fee - with a note that this is for charitable work. Its amazing how soon it will build up to a sum we can send out to those in need.

We now work by giving to a charity "First Fruits " to send funds to those in need.

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